Whisky, Gin & Rum Tastings in Farnham

The world of spirits is a fascinating place right now, with hundreds of distilleries across the UK and around world the crafting high-quality drinks with ever more interesting flavours. One evening per month we bring those flavours to Farnham, Surrey, with our In The Spirit tastings held at The Castle Inn.

Led by Grape & Grain Tours owner and spirits expert, Joel Eastman, each session includes a blind tasting of five or more premium spirits with a different theme showcased each month. There will be whisky tastings, gin tastings, rum tastings and more! The events are social, informal and affordable - an enjoyable two hours shared with like-minded, spirits-loving locals.

No prior knowledge is required, our tastings will be enjoyed by those new to spirits and seasoned enthusiasts alike! Each spirit is tasted blind - that is, we only reveal what it is after we have tasted it - as we believe this allows us to enjoy the spirits without preconceptions.


Upcoming Tastings

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What Guests Say

“Joel imparted substantial knowledge and information in a professional but friendly way. Altogether, a very enjoyable and insightful evening and extremely good value”