In The Spirit - Guildford

In The Spirit - Guildford


Join us for our new series of monthly spirits tastings featuring whisky, rum, gin and more, held at The Weyside in Guildford, Surrey..

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What is it?

In The Spirit is our brand new series of social, informal and affordable spirits tastings held on the third Thursday of each month at The Weyside pub in Guildford, Surrey and led by Grape & Grain Tours owner, Joel Eastman. Each session will include five or six blind tasting samples with a different theme showcased each month - there will be whisky tastings, gin tastings, rum tastings and more! No prior knowledge is required, our tastings will be enjoyed by those new to spirits and seasoned enthusiasts alike!

Upcoming Tastings

Gin Tasting
Thursday 20th June, 7.00pm

Gin is still the hottest spirit in town and we’ll be celebrating all thing juniper just a few days before World Gin Day. Rather than featuring the usual suspects, we’ll taste a range or harder-to-find gins from around the world. We’ll also learn to make a gin cocktail that you can wow your friends with over the summer!

American Whiskey Tasting
Thursday 18th July, 7.00pm

On the eve of American’s celebrate their Independence Day, we’ll raise a glass or five of their fantastic whiskies. Joel will share some stories of American whiskey’s wild colonial past while we explore the different styles of whiskey produced in the USA. By the end you’ll know your bourbons from your malts and rye!


The Venue

The Weyside

If you’re coming straight from work, why not pop in early and grab some dinner and a pint before the tasting starts?