We run private wine, beer and spirits tasting events in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and beyond. Perfect for a gathering of friends or family, or for an entertaining corporate event, our tasting events are interactive, educational and, most importantly, fun! We have a passion for sharing good quality wines, beers and spirits and we are skilled at pitching the tasting at just the right level to ensure everyone has a great time.


Our tastings are fully bespoke. We can provide the tasting samples, glassware and tasting mats. We can either come to your home, office or other venue of your choice. Alternatively, we can suggest a venue convenient for all of your guests. Simply choose your tipple and we'll do the rest.


Tasting Themes

Wine Tasting

We specialise in English Sparkling Wine tasting and love showcasing this country's wonderful wines, but our expertise also extends to wine from all corners of the globe. Whether you enjoy the great wines of France or a flight of Sauvignon Blancs, we can host a wine tasting perfect for you. You could even up the luxury levels by booking a wine and chocolate tasting or a wine and cheese tasting!


Whisky Tasting

The popularity of whisky has exploded over the past few years and what was once considered an "old man's drink" is now enjoyed by men and women, young and old. You can choose to taste some of the classic drams of Scotland, or explore some of the other great whiskies of the world, from countries such as Ireland, Japan, USA, India and Australia.


Gin Tasting

The world is in the middle of a gin boom, so it is no surprise that gin tastings are our most popular events! We start our gin tasting with a demonstration of how to make the perfect G&T, before delving into the fascinating, and sometimes sordid history of this famous juniper spirit. We love to showcase the very best boutique Hampshire and Surrey gins, as well as top gins from further afield. Tonic water and garnishes are included.


Rum Tasting

Rum has been touted as the "next big thing", so now is the perfect time to brush up on what makes rum so great. Did you know that rum is one of the world's oldest spirits? We will explore the history and production of rum while enjoying tastes of different styles from the Caribbean and around the world.


Beer Tasting

These days, beers offer a spectacular array of different styles and flavours, from classic malty English ales to ultra-hoppy craft beers. Beer enthusiasts will love our tastings, which explore the secrets behind each style of beer, while tasting of exciting, innovative and unusual beers. As always, we love to champion the best beers from Hampshire and Surrey.


Introduction Tasting Events

Do you want to start with the basics and learn more about a particular style of drink? Then our "Introduction to..." tastings are for you. Our Introduction to Wine tasting explores some of the major grape varieties and wine regions around the world. Introduction to Whisky explores how whisky is made and the regions of Scotland, while our Introduction to Gin tasting lets you get hands-on with gin botanicals.



Our tasting events start at £20 per person. As our tastings are fully bespoke, we'll quote you a competitive price based on the tasting theme, venue and number of guests.


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